Wine Gifts

5 Gifts Wine Lovers Will Enjoy, According to a Sommelier

Haley Fortier knows a thing or two about what wine enthusiasts will enjoy.
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Haley Fortier knows how to run a wine bar that feels like an all-night party. The 2019 Food & Wine Sommelier of the Year operates Boston's natural-wine hot spots Nathálie and haley.henry; the latter also boasts an impressive conserva and tinned fish menu. Fortier's holiday picks embody the spirit of her wine lists: natty, bubbly, indulgent, and, above all, unpretentious. We'll be turning to them all year long.

1. 2019 Jauma Birdsey Cabernet Franc?($34)?

"I've been working with Jauma for a couple of years now, and I love everything they're doing. This is 100% Cabernet Franc, chock-full of ripe dark fruit, with a touch of pepper and spice to round it out. I like to open this about 30 minutes before it's being served to fully grasp the flavors. It's perfect for chilly nights— and even more suitable for under the mistletoe."

2. 2014 Champagne Marie-Courtin Efflorescence Pinot Noir Extra Brut?($86)?

"This wine is an incredible expression of what biodynamic farming is all about. It's precise, direct, and confident—it's everything you want in bubbles, in my opinion. Orchard fruit, white flowers, chalk, and mint are all there, plus it shows tremendous elegance."

3. 2020 Domaine Julie Benau Picpoul de Pinet?($22)?

"This lovely Picpoul is citrus-driven with briny minerality and a tiny whisper of funk. Pair it with some foie gras to really bring out its character; hide the rest to drink later."

4. Da Morgada Tinned Conservas ?

"Da Morgada's what you want to bring out for friends. Pair them with bread or a sturdy potato chip, some fresh herbs, lemon, and a dash of heat—you're going to be riding in style. And the tins make the perfect stocking stuffers!" ($5,

5. Pearl Street Caviar ?

"Pearl Street ships overnight, so the caviar's typically in your hands within 24 hours of ordering. It won't break the bank, and you're guaranteed to be the favorite invitee on any guest list." (Prices vary,

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