And, of course, sip a little rum on the beach.

Bright blue water and green palm trees line the beach in Barbados
Credit: Getty Images

Tripadvisor and Mount Gay Rum think it's time for you to go on vacation. In fact, they believe in this so deeply, they're giving away a few trips just so you can go have a little fun in the sun.

In November, the two companies announced the "Getaway to Give Back" sweepstakes, which will both send a few people on fancy vacations and raise awareness for sustainable living.

One grand prize winner will win a trip to Barbados, where they will get a personal tour of the Mount Gay Distillery. While on the island, the winner will also get the chance to take part in 4ocean cleanup expedition and will be gifted a limited-edition Sea Bags x Mount Gay tote made from 100% recycled sails.

Three other lucky winners will also score trips to Miami, Boston, and Los Angeles for a stay at a Loews Hotel. In each destination, they will get to take part in an exclusive dining experience, a 4ocean cleanup expedition, and will also be gifted those must-have Sea Bag totes. (A few other winners will also receive the limited-edition totes and other 4ocean swag.)

As part of the sweepstakes campaign, interested parties can also purchase the limited edition bags created in partnership with actor and environmentalist Adrian Grenier to honor the ocean. With every bag purchase, a contribution will be made to 4ocean's Pound Program, directly funding the removal of trash from the ocean, rivers, and coastlines using its full-time, professional cleanup crew members.

All you need to do to enter is head to the Tripadvisor x Mount Gay sweepstakes page, enter your name and email address, birthday, and click "enter." While you're there, keep scrolling to learn more about how these brands are making a better world for us all, and read a few quick tips on how you can improve your environmental efforts as well.

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