The menu was curated by chefs Régis Marcon and Mathieu Viannay.

Risotto verde, bolognaise de légumes on a white plate
Credit: Courtesy of Air France

Air France is giving its onboard food that je ne sais quoi with the help of two French Michelin-starred chefs, the airline shared with Travel + Leisure.

The carrier has teamed up with chefs Régis Marcon and Mathieu Viannay to redesign its La Première and Business long-haul menus through February 2022, focusing on high-end ingredients like truffles and morel mushrooms. The new menus will be available on departures from Paris.

Nage de dos de cabillaud aux petits légumes et olives Taggiasca on white plate
Credit: Courtesy of Air France

In the airline's first class La Première cabin, travelers can sample one of six new dishes like beef tenderloin in red wine with sautéed potato and morel cake, or mixed scallops and scampi with truffles, reduced jus, and julienne vegetables. And vegetarians will be able to feast on vegetable lasagna with a tangy chive cream.

Additionally, the airline added eight new dishes in its business class cabin, including beef tenderloin with macaire potato patties, roasted beet, and smoked meat juices, and roasted guinea fowl in coffee with celery confit and stewed autumn vegetables.

Pintade ro?tie, jus au cafe?, ce?leri confit, fricasse?e d'automne on white plate
Credit: Courtesy of Air France

Air France is also adding new vegetarian dishes like penne pasta with an arugula and spinach gratin and ricotta cream with lovage.

While the meals in the economy cabin aren't quite as fancy, Air France does offer passengers the option of ordering from an "A la Carte" menu for an extra fee. Choices include everything from a healthy menu to seafood or even Italian food.

The menu revamp comes as global air travel has begun to pick up again. Over the summer, France started welcoming back fully vaccinated American tourists. Travelers also need a digital health pass, the pass sanitaire, for everything from museums and restaurants to long-distance trains.

Last week, the United States opened its borders to vaccinated foreign travelers, resulting in a bump in traffic for everything from hotel bookings to flight searches.

Alison Fox is a contributing writer for Travel + Leisure. When she's not in New York City, she likes to spend her time at the beach or exploring new destinations and hopes to visit every country in the world. Follow her adventures on Instagram.

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