If you've been dreaming of a ranch Christmas, this savory twist on eggnog has you covered.


Hidden Valley Ranch seems to get away with more than other brands. Granted, they literally invented ranch dressing which comes with plenty of goodwill. But also, the idea of slathering any and everything in ranch is equal parts gross and engrossing. So when the brand launches promotions like a Christmas stocking full of ranch or a lifetime supply of dressing, the glutton inside us chuckles with glee.

Hidden Valley Ranch RanchNog
Credit: Courtesy of Hidden Valley Ranch

Along those lines, Hidden Valley has continued to find strange items to sell in their online Ranch Shop: For example, over Halloween, they were encouraging customers to give away tiny dressing packets as treats. So what do they have in store (literally) for Xmas this year? Well, plenty actually, but the highlight has to be a kit for making your own ranch-soaked eggnog, RanchNog.

Arriving today in the Hidden Valley Ranch Shop (while supplies last), the Limited-Edition Holiday RanchNog Kit features everything necessary to make this unholy merger of two creamy concoctions. The kit was created in partnership with mixologists Whiskey and Rosemary and, as Hidden Valley describes it, "marries the creamy, slightly sweet elements of eggnog with the savory, cool and herby flavors of ranch."

Hidden Valley Ranch RanchNog Set
Credit: Courtesy of Hidden Valley Ranch

Inside the $50 box, ranch lovers will find two HVR RanchNog glasses, which are custom-etched 8.5-ounce Libbey Irish custom coffee mugs; a 2.5-ounce stainless steel jigger; and two Hidden Valley Original Ranch Salad Dressing & Seasoning Mix packets, enough of the stuff to make two drinks. Finally, customers will get a card with the coveted RanchNog recipe.

Not so into RanchNog? Hidden Valley says they've got plenty of other items in their store. There's the $50 Hidden Valley Ranch Travel Kit which includes things like a sleep mask, neck pillow, and water bottle, all of which can fit inside the $300 Hidden Valley suitcase which sells separately. Also available are a Hidden Valley Ranch Yoga Lovers Kit, Hidden Valley Ranch Pizza Lovers Kit, and Hidden Valley Ranch Night Kit which sell for $110.

Hidden Valley Ranch Holiday Collection Suitcase
Credit: Courtesy of Hidden Valley Ranch

But for ranch diehards, the choice seems abundantly clear: Get all-in on trying a cool and herby RanchNog, because nobody wants to sip a vinaigrette.

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