The Always Pan from Our Place

The Viral 8-in-1 Always Pan Is on Super Sale Before Black Friday

It's the cheapest it's been all year.
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I'm not exaggerating when I say I've cooked several hundred meals in my Always Pan from Our Place. Over the past year and a half since I've owned the versatile vessel, I've used it to fry, steam, boil, and braise a range of recipes morning, noon, and night. It mostly lives on my stovetop, which is fine because the beautiful salmon-colored exterior looks stunning in the three different kitchens I've moved into this year. It's safe to say I feel pretty confident recommending the Always Pan as a foolproof holiday gift for anyone who likes to cook.

And now's a very good time to pick one (or two) up: Our Place has kicked off its biggest sale of the year weeks before Black Friday. You can get the brand's popular Always Pan for the lowest price we've seen this year, just $99.

Credit: Courtesy of Our Place

To buy: Our Place Always Pan, $99 (originally $145) at

Our editors first fell in love with the Always Pan back in early 2020 thanks to thoughtful design features like a built-in spoon rest, pouring spouts, adjustable lid, and non-toxic surface. I also appreciate how the skillet's aluminum body heats evenly and quickly and has a helper handle for transporting from stovetop to table. I've scrambled fluffy eggs, stirred saucy pastas, and steamed tender dumplings in my pan's gray nonstick interior. It truly delivers on its promise to serve as eight different kitchen tools. 

The sturdy workhorse also garnered Instagram fame because of its striking selection of colors, including vibrant yellow zest, verdant sage, and dreamy blue salt. All the colors are marked down in the early Black Friday event, but the most popular ones (looking at you, lavender) are already selling out. 

The Always Pan typically costs $145, but you can get it for only $99 right now. What's more, Our Place also marked down several other items on its site, including its new cutlery line and dinnerware that's stylish enough to add to your Thanksgiving table. Scroll down to shop, or head to Our Place's site to check out the entire early Black Friday sale.

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