nutribullet Pro 1000

NutriBullet's Wildly Popular Blenders Are on Sale for Black Friday with Our Exclusive Code

The compact, powerful model is one of the best personal blenders we tested.

In the market for a new blender? If so, now's the best time to score a great deal on one. That's because NutriBullet's Black Friday 2021 sale is here—and we have an exclusive code for Food & Wine readers. 

To take advantage of the promotions, just enter the code FOODWINEBF25 at checkout. It'll instantly unlock 25% off the entire site (just like the brand's general discount code GRAVY), which leads to some pretty significant savings.

The brand's appliances are super well-known (especially its bullet-shaped blenders), and they're loved by shoppers and editors alike. In fact, the original NutriBullet was one of the top performers when we tested personal blenders—and it's marked down to $60 with the special discount code. 

Nutribullet Blender Early BF Deal
Credit: Courtesy of Nutribullet

To buy: NutriBullet 600W Personal Blender, $60 with code FOODWINEBF25 (originally $80) at

Based on all of our tests, we found that the NutriBullet blender was the perfect balance of price and performance: It has a 600-watt motor that easily crushes ice and yields A+ smoothies. We loved that it was able to blend celery, spinach, banana, and almond milk into a green smoothie with an easy-to-drink consistency. 

That's just one reason why it earned one of the top spots in our guide on the best personal blenders. And when we averaged out all the ratings, the NutriBullet scored a 4.5 out of 5—while blenders double the price only scored a sliver higher. 

In the box, you'll get the blender base, blade, a generously sized 24-ounce cup, and a smaller 18-ounce cup with a handle and lip ring for drinking directly from the cup. This particular set doesn't come with a to-go lid, but you can purchase one separately for less than $10.  

We also tested the 1000-watt NutriBullet Pro, which has some extra features that are nice to have, like suction cups to keep the base steady on your counter, a larger 32-ounce cup that fits multiple portions, and a more powerful motor that blends tough ingredients with ease. In our tests, we found that this version performed almost exactly the same as the original model when it came to blending smoothies, chopping salsa, and crushing ice. But with a stronger motor, it'd definitely handle tougher jobs better (like making homemade nut butter, for example). 

Both NutriBullet models are super easy to wash by hand, but the cups are also dishwasher-safe on the top rack. The main downside is that there aren't any speed controls or pre-set programs, but that's the case with a lot of push-and-twist personal blenders. 

Nutribullet Blender Early BF Deal
Credit: Courtesy of Nutribullet

To buy: NutriBullet Pro 1000 Blender, $75 with code FOODWINEBF25 (originally $100) at

Thanks to the early Black Friday sale the price difference between the two blenders is small, but we think the Pro version is worth it if you can swing the extra $15 (especially because it includes more accessories, like a to-go lid). But if you'd rather save wherever possible, you'll still be impressed with the performance of the original NutriBullet blender

There are also plenty of other kitchen appliances included in NutriBullet's Black Friday sale, so we included some more options below. No matter what catches your eye, be sure to shop as soon as possible to avoid your favorite items selling out—or going back up to full price. 

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