Pantry Gifts

9 Pantry Gifts Home Cooks Will Love

Even if Dana Cowin hadn't spent many years as the editor in chief of Food & Wine, she'd still be the first person we'd ask for advice on what to give someone whose pantry is already bursting with exciting, delicious items. As the founder of Giving Broadly, a project that shines a light on extraordinary woman-identifying food makers whose products bring Cowin's nightly cooking "from meh to much, much better," she curates spicy, snacky, and saucy goods that we'll be buying extras of for ourselves. Keep up with Cowin's newest finds at

1. Nasrin's Kitchen Jams?

"Having fled Iran almost seven years ago, chef Nasrin Rejali channels her love for her home country into jams and pickles. Her orange jam is packed with fruit that's so shockingly delicious, it simply can't get pushed to the back of the shelf." ($10,

2. PRMRY Extra Virgin Olive Oil?

"Olive oil is my favorite gift to receive and give. In February 2020, PRMRY founders Erin Ridley and Janell Pekkain introduced two new finishing oils, Transform and Enhance. They're just right for a drizzle of lush and explosive oliveness." ($66,

3. Regalis Conservas

"This triumphant trio of conservas created by Porto-Muiños in Galicia is newly available from Regalis Foods. The piquillo peppers with sweet kombu sauce, in particular, are a step in opening up the exciting world of Spanish conservas to vegetarians." ($14,

5. Cometeer Coffee?

"With beans from spectacular companies like George Howell and Equator that are brewed with a secret extraction method and stored in sustainable capsules, this is a cup you can't mess up. It's perfect for coffee geeks who crave a ritual but are short on time." (From $48 a box,

4. Pineapple Collaborative Salt?

"This new pantry staple is hand-harvested by a co-op led by Yolanda Acurio Mendoza in Maras, Peru, where people have been producing salt since the Incan Empire. Think somewhere between a finishing flake and a workhorse table salt." ($24,

6. Cultura Craft Chocolate Bars?

"Founder Damaris Ronkanen's childhood visits to her family's hometown in Mexico shine through in her chocolate. Each bar is ethically sourced from Haiti, Guatemala, Belize, or Mexico. I eat a small bite of a bar every night until it's gone." ($9,

7. SriMu Not Cheese?

"Created by wellness visionary and chef Julie Piatt, SriMu's cashew-based cheeses embrace the essence of classics like Brie, smoked Gouda, and Camembert with truffle. Each has all the texture and flavor of a luxe indulgence." ($69 for a set of 2,

8. New York Shuk Matbucha?

"This matbucha is a Boring Dinner Rescue Plan in a jar. So far, this tomato-based Middle Eastern condiment with olives, spearmint, and preserved lemon paste has perked up my shakshuka, roast chicken, and pasta sauce. I'm not done experimenting." ($13,

9. Primary Beans The Italians Set?

"A sister-run company born from the pandemic, Primary Beans is committed to sourcing fresh dried organic beans. I love The Italians Set, with chickpeas, cannellini, and cranberry. Each is from a different farm, and that transparency means more delicious beans for all!" ($25,

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