Gifts for bakers

6 Great Gifts for Bakers, According to Pastry Chef Paola Velez

Make baking even better for your loved ones this year.
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Newly minted F&W Best New Chef Paola Velez—star of our fan-favorite YouTube series, Pastries with Paolais a magician with sugar, flour, and fruit. We couldn't have asked a savvier chef to help us wow aspiring bakers and veteran pastry chefs this holiday season. "When I'm shopping for the bakers in my life, I'm going all out," she says. "I'm talking about all the tools I wish someone would buy for me!"

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tilit apron
Credit: Tilit

1. Tilit Recycled Work Chef Apron in pink ?

"When you wear an apron for a living, you learn what aspects matter most to you. This Tilit apron checks all of the boxes for me—it's super lightweight, has hip and chest pockets, and the soft straps won't scratch your neck."?($85,

staub skillet
Credit: Williams Sonoma

2. Staub Enameled Cast-Iron Fry Pan in Sage?

"From pies to cornbread, a solid cast-iron pan can handle it all. I like this sage green enameled version by Staub, which is photoshoot–ready and beautiful enough to sit on the stovetop year-round." ($210,

trade street jams
Credit: Trade Street Co.

3. Trade Street Jam Co. Signature Trio Gift Set?

"Jam can elevate and transform your baked goods when used as fillings for cakes or toppings for pastries. I love Trade Street Jam for interesting flavor combinations—and they're a minority-owned small business."?($42,

cake stand
Credit: Food52

4. Julie Hadley Wabi Sabi Ceramic Cake Stand?

"I love this handmade ceramic stand that's perfectly imperfect and guaranteed to become a family heirloom. It's a simple and beautiful way to elevate your desserts that too many people aren't willing to splurge on!"?($150,

jubilee cookbook
Credit: Amazon

5. Jubilee by Toni Tipton-Martin?

"This book from Toni -Tipton-Martin chronicles over 200 years of Black culinary excellence, and I've come to especially appreciate the recipe for gingerbread with a bourbon Chantilly cream; it ties together unlikely ingredients in such a harmonious way."?($20,

citrus press
Credit: Nordstrom

6. Verve Culture Citrus Juicer?

"If you want to breeze though juicing a mountain of citrus for your next cake glaze or granita, this citrus press is a game changer. Bonus: It's an absolutely beautiful statement piece fit to display on any kitchen counter." (From $98,

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