These essential serving tools are as useful as they are beautiful, and?perfect for your fall dinner parties and beyond.

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Our favorite dishes around the holidays are delightful but often have a similar brownish hue. To add a little color, texture, and interest to your tabletop, start with flashy platters, casseroles, and flatware. We're talking a turmeric-tinted Dutch oven, an ornate batch cocktail dispenser, shiny gold serving utensils, and a peacock-blue salad bowl. These gorgeous pieces are not only pretty but fully functional. From stuffing to mashed potatoes to candy bowls and pie dishes – we've got you covered with this quality assortment of tableware. Read on for the tools we're using to serve Thanksgiving dinner and many holiday gatherings to come.

Dutch Oven

staub turmeric pots
Credit: Food52

Staub's all-purpose 7-quart cocotte can be used for everything from soups to braises to cassoulet! This always-reliable brand makes durable cast-iron casseroles that conduct heat evenly and will last you a lifetime. Also, now you can get select pieces in this vibrant Turmeric color which is worthy of any holiday table.

Food52 x Staub Turmeric 7-Quart Cocotte, $299 at

Covered Casserole Dish

le creuset casserole
Credit: Le Creuset

If you're hosting Thanksgiving dinner this year (or contributing a side dish), then you'll need plenty of casserole dishes for your scalloped potatoes, stuffing, mashed potatoes, and green beans. This Heritage oval casserole from Le Creuset is versatile and timeless. We love the chic meringue color because it can be used all year long.

Le Creuset Heritage Oval Casserole, $80 from

Cheese Board

oak boards
Credit: Verishop

A show-stopping cheese board needs a show-stopping canvas. These white oak cutting boards are handmade with sustainably-sourced wood and are large enough to feature 3 different kinds of cheese, as well as some charcuterie. Don't miss our pro tips for assembling the ultimate cheese board.

Pinocchio Boards, from $80 at

Decorative Bowls

decorative bowls
Credit: CB2

Grandma's crystal candy dish gets a sleek, modern upgrade. These hand-blown smoke-colored glass dishes from CB2 are the perfect vessel for displaying holiday candy or offering spiced nuts with cocktails.

Gianna Dishes with Lid, from $25 from

Seasonal Casserole Dish

staub pumpkin cocotte
Credit: Crate & Barrel

This polished black pumpkin-shaped cocotte is both festive and practical. The 3.5-quart capacity is perfect for holding candy around Halloween, as a serving dish for a Thanksgiving side, or simmering a small batch of soup on a weeknight. Because it's made by Staub, it's also heavy-duty and can withstand high heat.

Staub 3.5-qt Black Cast Iron Pumpkin Cocotte, $230 at or

Carving Set

laguiole carving set
Credit: Williams Sonoma

Thanksgiving is the biggest food holiday of the year, so don't use just any knife to carve up that prized bird. This smooth olivewood handle carving set has a super-sharp stainless-steel blade and feels lightweight and comfortable in your hand. It has enough pomp and frills for holiday presentation, but is also timeless and will add a little excitement to any Sunday roast or weeknight roast chicken.

Laguiole en Aubrac Birchwood Carving Knife Set, $350 at

Serving Set

serving set
Credit: Food52

Add a splash of sparkling gold to your holiday table. This modern set has it all covered: A serving fork for roasted vegetables or sliced turkey, a ladle for gravy, a pastry server for pie, and a butter knife.

Mepra Italian Serving Set, from $136 at

Gravy Boat

gravy boat
Credit: Anthropologie

You and your gravy deserve an upgrade from that cereal bowl you used last year. This vintage-inspired gravy boat will look phenomenal on any table or buffet, is easy to pour, and is less than $30 (so you really have no excuse). The rest of the year you can use it for passing steak sauce, hollandaise, or a punchy chimichurri.

Bronzed Gravy Boat, $45 at

Batch Cocktail Dispenser

beverage dispenser
Credit: Crate & Barrel

Take bartending off your to-do list and let guests serve themselves out of this elegant glass dispenser. It looks beautiful, adds a sense of occasion, and then you're not stuck mixing up cocktails all night. Now, that's a win-win (win!). Try it out with a crowd-pleasing holiday punch.

Hatch Glass Beverage Dispenser, $100 at

Cast-Iron Skillet

cast iron skillet
Credit: Williams Sonoma

We love these FINEX cast-iron skillets for their thoughtful design and their ability to perfectly sear steak or turnout a flawless frittata. Use this skillet for homemade cornbread or a batch of buttery rolls and then bring the pan right to the table.

FINEX Cast-Iron Fry Pan with Brass Coil Handle, $225 at

Pie Dish

pie dish
Credit: Williams Sonoma

Rarely are you making just one pie for Thanksgiving. This perfectly mismatched set is classic, affordable, and will make all the pumpkin, apple, and pecan pie-lovers happy.

Ceramic Pie Dishes, Set of 3, $70 at


serving plate
Credit: Crate & Barrel

We guarantee you'll be using this gorgeous stoneware platter year-round. The pale greens and blues are neutral but also add some visual interest. We also love how each plate is a little different because of the varying pools and cracks in the glaze. The platter is 14-inches wide, so it's big enough for passing bite-size hors d'oeuvres or as a platter for a carved roast chicken.

Ora Stoneware Round Platter, $40 from

Baking Dishes

emile henry baking dish
Credit: Williams Sonoma

This large ruffled rectangular baker from Emile Henry is exactly what you'll reach for when making stuffing, lasagna, kugel, or a breakfast casserole. It's an easy all-purpose size and comes in an array of colors perfect for the holidays (we're looking at you, spruce!).

Emile Henry Ruffled Rectangular Bakers, from $50 from

Butter Keeper

butter keeper
Credit: Food52

If you don't have a French butter keep yet, then get ready to be obsessed. This rustic earthenware crock allows you to have room temp, spreadable butter at the ready (because NO ONE likes trying to spread cold rock-hard butter on their bread). A touch of water in the base of the butter keeper creates a tight seal that keeps your butter safe without refrigeration. This particular one from Sawyer ceramics can hold up to three-quarters of a stick of butter at a time.

French Ceramic Butter Keeper, $45 from

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