Jot Ultra Coffee being poured onto a spoon

This Limited-Edition Holiday Cold Brew Tastes Exactly Like a Creamy Hot Chocolate

It’s bound to sell out.

Frigid mornings and early sunsets are a lot more bearable when you've got a great cup of coffee on hand. Getting the perfect brew ready in seconds is a dream come true—especially one that involves a limited-edition, winter-inspired flavor like Jot Coffee's Encore.

This small-batch seasonal creation is only available while supplies last and is bound to sell out quickly (as past flavors have done in a matter of days.) Made from single-origin beans sourced by a women's organic cooperative in Guatemala, Encore tastes like a delicious mix of blackberry jam with a hint of chocolate. The brew comes in a compact bottle 20 times more concentrated than a regular cup of coffee, so adding a tablespoon into water, milk, or a milk alternative provides coffee in an instant but with the flavor of the freshest brew from your favorite coffee shop.

Jot Ultra Coffee pouring into an iced latte
Credit: Courtesy of Jot

To buy: Encore, $24 at

"We really wanted to create an Ultra Coffee to celebrate fall's grande finale," Jot co-founder and CEO Andrew Gordon said in a press release. "The flavor profile is crisp and bright, with festive chocolate and cinnamon notes."

Unlike the standard Jot concentrate, Encore is bottled in a unique glass jar that features a design by Brooklyn artist Steffi Lynn Tsai. In a press release, the artist says she was inspired by "the final stretch of productivity before winter truly begins."

And, while Jot coffee is mainly marketed as a cold brew, customers can easily warm the concentrate up to make a smooth at-home latte. As a loyal Jot drinker, I usually prefer to drink it cold, but made an exception for Encore. 

Jot Ultra Coffee in various mugs
Credit: Courtesy of Jot

To buy: Encore, $24 at

I mixed a tablespoon of the concentrate with a teaspoon of brown sugar simple syrup and about eight ounces of oat milk. I frothed it in my milk frother and topped the warmed latte with a sprinkle of cinnamon. Next time, I'll add just a little less milk to bring forth a more coffee-forward flavor from the drink — I'm not a huge latte drinker, so this is my personal preference. Feel free to mix it up according to your own preferences to find the perfect balance.

Both my partner and I agreed that this is almost like a light mocha creation with the tasting notes of chocolate coming through the most. It almost reminded me of a creamy hot chocolate. It's definitely the type of drink you'll crave on a winter morning in order to stay motivated through another long day (bleh!). Snag your own bottle of Encore now, before it sells out!

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