Gifts for Travelers

5 Gifts Travelers Will Love for 2021 and Beyond

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Having reported travel stories from every shoreline of the Caribbean islands and beyond for nearly 30 years, Sarah Greaves-Gabbadon knows how to be both stylish and pragmatic when traveling. "When gifting, I ask myself, 'How often does this person travel? Are they a city person or a beach person?'" Greaves-Gabbadon's picks channel her sunny, cheerful personality—as if we needed another reason to get excited about going places again.

1. ANDI Holiday Tote?

"Because I work mostly in the Caribbean, I need a personal item that can hold my laptop and double as a beach tote. The straps are ideal for securing a hat or sandy beach towel." ($148,

2. Smythson Mara Passport Cover Wallet?

"Now that I'm getting back out into the world, my passport is more precious than ever. This croc-embossed leather folio keeps my little blue book from getting dog-eared; the slots keep my docs secure." ($255,

3. The Daily Edited Travel Case?

"You could stuff your liquids into a plastic bag, but there are stylish and sustainable alternatives. This case corrals my minis in a TSA-compliant compartment and my brushes and non-liquids in a smaller section." ($130,

4. Hickies Travel Laces?

"Sprinting to the gate is my cardio, so I have to wear sneakers when I travel. I love these silicone straps, which convert any lace-up shoe into a slip-on that I can quickly slip out of at security. Each pack has 14 straps (enough for one pair of shoes), and they come in a variety of colors to match any shoe. If you know a sneakerhead, this is the stocking stuffer for them." ($20,

5. Cincha Travel Belt?

"To maximize my in-cabin storage, I travel with a large tote bag as a personal item. I usually balance it on top of my wheeled suitcase, but somehow it always falls off when I'm transitioning from tarmac to carpet. This adjustable travel belt slips over the handle of my roll-aboard and keeps everything secure. Bonus: It's chic enough that you can wear it as a belt, too!" ($35,

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