Self-Care Gifts

4 Self-Care Holiday Gifts to Enjoy This Year

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When actor and designer Waris Ahluwalia isn't appearing in a Wes Anderson film, designing jewelry and clothing, or importing beautiful herbal teas through his company, House of Waris Botanicals, he can be found slowing down and taking a self-care moment by lighting a candle, indulging in a sweet treat, and going through a thoughtful skin and body care routine. Where some self-care routines can be intimidatingly intricate, Ahluwalia's approach is refreshingly down to earth and streamlined—exactly what we need around the holidays.

1. Le Sirenuse Candle by Eau d'Italie?

"Summer is my season, so when winter rolls around, I appreciate reminders of adventures had in the Mediterranean sun. This candle from one of my favorite hotels, with notes of bergamot, takes me back to dreamy days in Positano on the Amalfi Coast, sauntering through the halls of the hotel Le Sirenuse and swimming in the sea. Take me back." ($75,

2. Honey Mama's Chocolates?

"When it comes to sweets, I have a one-track mind: dark chocolate all the way. Honey Mama's honey-sweetened chocolate elevates the game to another level. Their Coconut, Original Dutch, and Oregon Mint flavors are my favorites." (Variety pack, $54 at

3. Wonderland Home Body Bundle?

"Wherever I travel, I buy soap. Brooklyn-based Wonderland Home makes their wonderful offerings in the Catskills using organic ingredients, as well as recyclable paper for packaging. More clean, less plastic!" ($40,

4. Muri Lelu Mauvaise Herbe Indica Oil?

"I've never been a fan of lotions but love how oil penetrates the skin. My new favorite skincare product is the Mauvaise Herbe Indica Oil, which uses whole-flower Cannabis sativa. The aroma and nourishing quality of this terpene-rich blend of botanical oils make it a pleasure to use. I also appreciate their support of legal organizations that fight unjust drug convictions." ($135,

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