The Challah Box and a loaf of challah bread

This Challah-Making Subscription Box Is the Perfect Gift—Even for Non-Bakers

Each box comes complete with (almost) everything you need to make perfect challah.
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I'll admit it: I am not a baker. The level of precision and prep that baking so often requires doesn't always feel worth it to me, a tired person, especially considering I'm surrounded by excellent bakeries in New York. But when I heard about Challah Box, which arrives at your door with five pre-measured, labeled ingredients, and easy instructions, I was intrigued—so I ordered one.

To be clear, Challah Box still requires you to assemble and bake on your own bread—the main shortcut is not having to gather everything, which is coincidentally the step that usually stops me from baking in the first place. NYC-based Ilana Ramer Bass and Ariel Markowitz created the Challah Box during the pandemic, offering a monthly subscription or a single box starting at $45, each with enough ingredients to make around eight loaves. You can also gift a three- or six-month subscription, for a continuous supply of fresh bread.

When my Challah Box arrived in the mail and I got to work, I was reminded how time-intensive baking—and, especially, baking challah—is; there's a long ebb and flow of stirring, kneading, and waiting. But because everything I needed was right in front of me, including illustrated instructions, I didn't stress about it. The only element that isn't included in the box is the eggs, and you can also stock up on sesame or poppy seeds if it moves you to dress up your challah.

The tactile pleasure of kneading, pounding, and braiding far outweighed the inconvenience of covering my kitchen in flour, and reminded me that time-intensive cooking projects are so often therapeutic. Most importantly, the final result was delicious—my challah flaky, rich, and salty-sweet. Because I live alone, I ended up freezing most of the dough and packing it away, to be enjoyed through the long winter ahead and to gift fresh loaves during the holidays.

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